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Since 1999

We nurture your business like ours.

Comprehensive accounting and consultation services with a personal touch
About Us


Prime Finance nurtures growth of your business by providing personalised taxation and accounting services. Led by Asta Smilingė, our boutique office ensures that all of our clients’ financial decisions are made carefully and with their best interests in mind. We take on challenges no one else wants to solve. We use high end technology to minimise our clients’ workload and provide them with up to date information of their business finance according to their needs.


Asta Smilingė, the founder of Prime Finance, has more than 20 experience in personalised taxation and accounting services throughout the Baltics and the UK. “We never hide the truth. Instead, we fully adapt: be it understanding a complex new problem, solving it immediately or simply learning how to use a new accounting software, so the client doesn’t have to put any extra work,” Asta explains the Prime Finance approach.



Prime Finance services are more than just accounting. Our work is guided by business management insights and a maximum focus on tax optimization. Often our services cost our customers less than their economic benefits gained through tax savings. We are proud that throughout our history, not a single client of ours has been fined due to misconduct of tax assessment.


At the request of the client, we dedicate our team members to the client's office, ensuring the smooth running of the business in case of illness or vacation. We are able to work with the software most convenient to the client.


Payroll specialists at Prime Finance carry out complete payroll accounting – from preparation of personnel documentation, calculations, submission of required reports to the Social Insurance Board and State Tax Inspectorate to the preparation of bank transfer templates and personalized information to client's employees. We guarantee complete confidentiality both for clients and their employees. We have our own labor law experts and, if necessary, can act as an employment agency for the client.


Prime Finance tax advisers provide individualized consulting with precise and concise manner without unnecessary information. With many years of experience, the company’s tax experts comprehend tax laws and regulations to the highest level and keep themselves up to date with new developments in the field. We represent our clients in tax litigation and legal proceedings.


Prime Finance recommends a corporate structure that fits best with your growth plans, minimizes your tax burden and paperwork, and protects you from major risks. We help to incorporate your company within a few days and provide business address, correspondence management and virtual secretary services. We also offer readily available off-the-shelf companies (both newly formed or with a thoroughly checked history).


Prime Finance offers business advisory and support services for companies and their owners that are planning or executing a capital-raising process, share sale, private placement, merger or acquisition of another company. We conduct enhanced due diligence, consult on increasing the company value and mediate in attracting investors and finances.

Our services


“We have been using Prime Finance for many years now. We are satisfied with the qualifications of the employees. We get quick, comprehensive and specific answers to emerging issues. All problems are solved optimally and immediately. With the rapid change of our logistics business environment, we face challenges that require non-standard, individual solutions. With a partner such as Prime Finance, we are always confident that an effective and impeccable solution to the problem will be found in every case.”

Rimvydas Savickas, director at EXE Spedition

Rimvydas Savickas, director at EXE Spedition

Musu panai

Start position

From 100 Eur

A service package for a starting business that includes payroll for up to three employees (monthly declarations for the Social Insurance Board and State Tax Inspectorate) and accounting for up to 20 business operations.

Growing fast

From 300 Eur

A full accounting package for a medium-size business that includes payroll for more than three employees with full monthly- / quarterly- / annually-based statutory compliance reporting (including VAT declarations and reports for the Statistics Department) and accounting for a range of 20–200 operations per month.


From 1000 Eur

A service package for a complex business that, along with full accounting, requires technical assistance and finance director-level consultations. The package includes all “Growing fast” package services plus payments, invoicing and HR documentation as well as consultations and insights on all financial and tax matters, budgeting and monitoring, and cash flow forecasting.

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